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  • Get Together at Las Olas Beach

    The last things we expected when we arrived in Bahia de Caraquez, was to meet people from our own place, the province of Quebec in Canada.  After a one or two weeks in town, our daughter arrived home saying "I met other people from Quebec on the street, a family of six!" and she gave me their phone number.  They were planning to stay in Bahia for around 6 months as they were in a sabbatical year visiting the country.  We had in plan to call them later during the week, but I ended up losing their phone number (a server might get it, sticked to a $20 bill).

    I told myself: "a family of six... we will bump into them later for sure".  And that's exactly what happened, just before we moved in our new place.

    Since then, we saw them a few times and it's really cool to speak French! ;)

    They have a really cool blog where all the family participates.  Have a look at it here (sorry, it's in French!)

    Last week, we went to the Las Olas Ecuador beach at low tide and spend the afternoon there with them, picnicking, playing on the beach, and having fun in the

    waves.  It was on a Sunday afternoon.  It was so quiet that we only saw one other person who drove by us during the 3-4 hours we spend there!  Quiet and peaceful?  You bet!!

    Here are a few pictures to make you dream a little...

    I found plenty of living Sand Dollar on the beach.  Here's one.  I have some footage to do a video, but that will be for later.

    Even Zara was running around, playing in the waves and having a lot of fun!