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  • The Chance Of Playing an Ecuador Golf Course in Construction

    Am I lucky?  Am I blessed?  Probably both... and maybe more!

    Having the opportunity to participate in the design and the construction of an oceanfront golf course in Ecuador is simply an amazing experience.  The more shots I hit at Ceibo Valley Golf Club, the more I'm amazed by the beauty of the site and the concept behind the design of the course.

    To test Ceibo Valley 8 sets of tee markers, we are bringing different players on the course, having different levels of play and different driving distances.  The goal is to make sure that whatever their level of play, every player is hitting the same club into every green.  And it works!!  It's weird because it sometimes mean a professional golfer will hit his second shot before a junior or beginner golfer will hit his drive.  So what.  Now everybody can make birdies! ;)

    So how do we make birdies when the course doesn't have grass yet?  Well, have a look at the video above!  That's how you make a birdie (by the way, I played the 14th twice up to now, and birdied it twice... I hope this will continue when Ceibo Valley in Ecuador opens for real!)

    Usually, golf courses built in golf communities are some sort of boring.  But Las Olas Ecuador is a different oceanfront community.  The amenities and green spaces are taking so much space in the master plan design that you don't feel you are "caught" in a real estate community.  You just feel in the middle of nature all the time.

    I made that remark last week to a new Las Olas owner while we were teeing up on the first hole (which he birdied by the way!).  The golf hole and the surrounding nature were the only things we were seeing.  Left, right, back and in front of us; a golf hole, a ravine, trees and mountain on both sides.  You won't see any house, any building, any car or truck... you won't even see another golf hole!  This oceanfront real estate property and this golf course in Ecuador are absolutely spectacular!