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  • Sundowner at Las Olas Ecuador Beach

    I have to admit that I'm not really proud of me... 

    Nearly one month without a post, that's far from being brilliant!  To my defence, the whole family has been pretty busy coming in the holiday seasons.  The kids finishing the school year, and the parents trying to delete items on the to-do list at work.

    This afternoon, employees and homeowners at Las Olas will gather together at the property to celebrate Christmas and the end of the year (visit Las Olas Ecuador Facebook page to see pictures).  Here, we have been waiting and preparing for an El Nino that doesn't seem to arrive.  Big sun outside as I write...  We would like to have at least a little bit of water, so we can start planting wild grasses on the mounds and rough areas of the Ceibo Valley Golf Club (which by the way is just more and more spectacular!).  I had the opportunity to discuss with Jerry Pierman during is latest visit, and it's really fun to hear all the stories he has after building golf courses for Jack Nicklaus, Fazio, Hills and other big names.

    It seems obvious for me that the construction at Las Olas will begin in January 2016.  That means if you want to benefit from the actual pre-construction sale at Las Olas Ecuador, it's now or never!  

    Just sharing with you this video we took on the beach at Las Olas two weeks ago.  We finally found some good and affordable bubbles to enjoy for sundowners (Santa Carolina Brut from Chile, $13 at Mi Comisiriato).  Fortunately, some bottles are much easier to open than this one (I cut a previous one minute video where I was struggling more with it. Funny!).

    For the Holidays, we will be going to Cuenca and spend some time with other Las Olas owners.  We are really looking forward to it and enjoy quality time with our kids.  Cuenca seems to be a wonderful city, but looking at the weather forecasts, IT'S COLD!!!  After spending 8 years under the tropics, we are not used to temperate around 10C.  I guess we will all come back with a cold... Merry Christmas! ;)

    **Looks like Virb doesn't like my video... Sorry, I'll just post a screenshot of it!...**

    ***F... even the screenshot doesn't work! Too bad, I have to leave!***