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  • The Hidden Treasure of Las Olas Ecuador

    When people look at Las Olas, they are usually attracted by the amazing beach and coastline, the daily sunset over the Pacific Ocean, the spectacular golf course and all the other amenities. Normal.

    But there's a hidden treasure with which I'm more and more falling in love; the 650-acre private nature reserve! This morning, it was the third time I was going in the nature reserve, and with the rain we recently received over the last week, the trees are starting to turn green.  Each time I went, I turned my GPS tracking on, so I can help mapping the trails and help building new ones.

    There's currently a trail that starts from the top of the Vista Turqueza community heading to the back of the property.  Have a look at the below image.  Isn't nice?

    Of course, these trails are a work in progress, but do you know a lot of real estate developers that will build trails on a property where no one lives yet?  At Las Olas Ecuador, yes!  For me, that really shows the dedication of the promoters to make it the perfect place to live.

    A second trail starts at the top of the Los Cielos community, located on the other side of the Las Olas nature reserve, and also head at the back of the property.  Next step is to join them together.  Once done, this trail that goes along the ridge of the nature reserve will measure over 7,5km.  If you want to do a loop, you will be able to do it by going down the Los Cielos main road, go down near the clubhouse, pass between golf holes 11 and 12, walk along the 13th hole, the whole Aldea Ecologica community, the equestrian center and the horse pastures, until you reach the back of the Vista al Mar community where you will be able to climb up the hill to go back to Vista Turqueza.  That whole loop will be over 11km in distance!

    Look at some of the views... There a lot of great places for picnic spots!

    This morning, I was walking a path down at the bottom of the nature reserve where we currently bring our horses for training. Suddenly, I just realized how great these trails are and what an amazing asset the trail system will be for Las Olas Ecuador's owners.  Up on the ridge, or down in the ravine, the landscape is just phenomenal.

    I really look forward to using the trails for walking, hiking, running and biking (no, you won't see me on a horse!).  In total, I wouldn't surprise if the whole nature reserve trails reach over 15 or even 20km in total.  Add this to 20km of unspoiled beaches and you have an amazing exclusive playground.

    People are all amazed by the golf, the equestrian center, the beach club, the spa, the tennis club and so on... but this private nature reserve is truly Las Olas' hidden treasure! (including these giant Ceibo trees...)