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  • Longer Days at the Equator

    It might sounds stupid, but yes, there are longer days at the Equator.  Living between the tropics can sometimes be difficult especially when you are used that summer = long days.

    Sunny until 9pm or even more (in Europe, you still have light until +10pm during summer), you get accustomed by the fact that it's dark at 7pm, sometimes earlier.  Since December 21st (shortest day at Equator along with June 21st), each day is a little longer and the trend will continue until the peak is reached on March 21st.

    I just came out of the office at 6:30pm and witness this amazing light over San Vincente, just opposite to Bahia...

    Now, just imagine how it is in my back, on the other side of the city where you see the sunset in the Pacific Ocean!  I can't wait to witness that from our terrace at Las Olas... As long as I leave the office before it's dark! ;)