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  • Ceibo Valley Golf in Construction, First Drive on 10th Hole

    There are some special moments in life and I experienced one (another one) last week when I was fortunate enough to hit the first drive out of the 10th hole at Ceibo Valley golf club at Las Olas Ecuador, while the course is still in construction.

    The 10th hole at Ceibo Valley will be one of the most spectacular holes on the course and we were all eager to test the back tee locations who are spread out on a hill at the entrance of the Las Olas Private Nature Reserve.  Two tee locations were cleared, but only one had a flat platform to hit from.  We went (climbed) there to test where the balls would land, which players should play from that location? (carry, distance, etc.), are the houses will be far enough?, should we put a bunker here or there?, etc.

    From the tee block, the hole is very intimidating. The carry from that location is about 200 yards.  You can see the ocean on your left, but the hole is located in a secluded valley and the green sits at the bottom of the cliff.  You are playing from well up above the fairway, a creek runs all along the rigth side of it, and a slope on the left side will make any approach played from there much longer and tougher because of the stance (I forgot to mention there will be a pond located on the right side of the green, plus a bunker and a big slope in front of it...).

    A good drive will leave you no more than a 7 iron into the green, located next to a majestic Ceibo tree.

    It's truly a spectacular hole and I hope I will be able to hit the exact same drive when it will be all green and open for play! ;)