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  • Win Ecuador Crafts and Food Products

    Ecuador is much more than bananas...

    Since we are are here, we are amazed by all the things we are discovering.  I when I say discovering, I mean it, because a lot of amazing local products are very tough to find locally as they are either too expensive or not popular amongst locals.

    Chocolate is the perfect example.  60% of the world's best cacao is grown in Ecuador, and some say there's even better cacao available, but it's so rare that it can't be exported.  You can find absolutely amazing pure chocolate, but it's unfortunately not available at every supermarket... 

    Same thing with coffee, same thing with many other products.

    Las Olas Ecuador is doing a contest and will be showcasing many of the finest Ecuadorian products. Make sure to connect to Las Olas Facebook page and participate using the link below.  And the more you share, the more chances you have to win! ;)