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  • A Pretty Nice Walk at Ceibo Valley Golf Club

    As you know, I'm a golfer... 

    Witnessing the construction of Ceibo Valley Golf Club is an absolute delight for me and being part of the design committee is a real privilege.

    On Thursday, I went to walk around the 14th, 15th and 16th holes to see the latest developments on the construction side and I wanted to share some pictures here with you.  Unfortunately, the pictures don't render the reality perfectly... and once it will be all green, the contrast with the ocean will make it even more spectacular.

    This is the front right of the 15th green.  That green is just HUUUGE... 55 yards deep!

    This is the left side of the green. The wood you see at the bottom will be used to built an old-looking wall with fescue grasses growing between it. You will probably prefer to avoid missing there!

    The rough planted at the back of the green is picking up very well. If you hit over green, you will have to it from the beach!

    That's the view from the 14th green, a par-5.  Not bad either... ;)

    And this is from the back of the 16th green complex.  Pretty nice view...

    I just love the contrast between that blue sky and the green of the valley... That's the view homeowners at the back of Vista al Mar community will have over the 16th green complex.  And they turn right, they have to above view.  Pretty spectacular don't you think?