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  • 7 Weeks After the Deadly Earthquake

    7 Weeks After the Deadly Earthquake

    7 weeks has passed since the earthquake struck Ecuador and took the life of my wife Jennifer and my son Arthur when the building we rented in Bahia de Caraquez collapsed within less than 10 seconds after we felt the first tremors.

    How do we feel? Well, pretty good I would say considering the tragedy we've been trough. Still, today was the 50th day in a row I cried.  Sometimes alone, sometimes when hugging someone, sometimes while discussing, reading or listening to music.  Sometimes a little bit... sometimes a lot... there's no pattern. It's just one day at the time.

    What is helping us greatly is the fact that our family was deeply in love.  There was no lie, no regrets... just true love.  That greatly helps moving forward.

    When we announced to our friends and family, right after the earthquake, that our goal was to fly to Canada to heal our injuries (both physically and mentally) and then come back to Ecuador, a lot of people were surprised. Let me be clear, moving to Ecuador wasn't a silly decision for our family. It's really the place we decided to pursue our life as a family, specifically at Las Olas Ecuador. We analyzed over 50 different oceanfront and golf communities across Central and South America before deciding to buy a house with an oceanview at Las Olas in Ecuador.

    Since we moved to Ecuador, and I started to work closely with the Las Olas team, the feeling we made the right decision was just getting stronger and stronger.  Of course, the loss of my wife and my son changes a lot of things in our lives, but Las Olas and Ecuador are still the best places for us to live and enjoy life.

    Unfortunately, my wife won't be at my side when I will pop the first bottle of Champagne looking at the amazing sunset over the Pacific ocean from our home terrace... and I won't be playing that first round of golf at Ceibo Valley Golf Club with my lovely son. These two things are amongst the long bucket list of special moments we were looking to experience at Las Olas.  The bucket list won't change, only the participants.

    7 weeks after the event, we are both physically much better. My daughter recovered at 100%. Unfortunately, my left hand is still very sore which prevents me to play golf. It's sad as this would be my best therapy to mourn my losses. I hope to heal soon and hit more golf shots like this one while we built the amazing golf course at Las Olas Ecuador.

    Psychologically, that's another thing. As I said, one day at the time...

    For the time being, I'm going on holiday for roughly a month with my daughter. I'm not expecting to be much active here. Please make sure to follow Las Oas Ecuador Facebook page to see regular updates about this amazing real estate project (

    Thanks for your support and messages!