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  • A little snack on our way to the Amazon! ;)

    A few weeks ago, we spent a long weekend visiting a tribe in the Amazon.  I will prepare a blog about our visit there, but in the meantime, I wanted to share with you one of the most disgusting (but at the same time illuminating) foodie experience of my life!

    So on our way, to the San Virgilio community in the Ecuadorian Amazon, we stopped in the city of Puyo to buy grocery stuff to offer to the community, buy some rubber boots (yeah, needed even in dry season!) and have a little snack.

    That snack was grubs on the BBQ!! ;)

    When we arrived at the public market in Puyo, I was all excited to see all the fresh products available. It was amazing to see how big that market was for such a small city. The market was at least twice the size of the one in Bahia de Caraquez and the city is not bigger... Look how these little things (not so little) move!!

    Luckily, you don't have to eat them alive! 

    They are cooked on the BBQ and I assume they put butter on it, because it has a strong butter taste. You can easily see the head and the body. Only the head is crunchy! ;)

    The first bite is far from being an easy one to take. At the same time, when we offered our guide Wilfrido if he would like to have some, he was so happy! Like if you were inviting me for sushis instead... I just told myself it couldn't hurt me.

    After the first bite, you just realized that it's far from tasting bad... and you just enjoy the experience!