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  • Good News, Amazing Souvenirs!

    That's a real miracle. My old computer was destroyed, but not enough to prevent a specialized laboratory in California to recovering the video Jennifer and I did for our wedding, back in 2008.

    I was expecting to cry like a baby while watching it, but it's totally the opposite, I just laugh my a** off!!

    It showcases our complicity and the fun we were having in our daily life. That feeling will always be in me... and that video will help to keep it alive even more.

    I'm pretty busy right now, so I haven't posted as regularly as I would like, but it's just a matter of time. New things are happening in my life, we have visitors coming to Ecuador during the next few months, I'll go skiing in the Alps in January and once I return, I'm expecting the rainy season in Ecuador to make Ceibo Valley golf course blooming! Can't wait to play.  That will also be a magic moment...