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  • The majestic Ceibo trees at Las Olas

    The valley where Las Olas is located includes hundreds of magnificent Ceibo Trees. These trees, which some would have over two hundred years old, only grow in dry tropical forest. Despite the fact that they look beautiful, their poor wood constitution saved them from extinction. Their fruit produces a big cotton ball which was traditionally used to make mattresses and pillows. With today's synthetic fabric, it seems no one is still using it, but I think it would be a great thing to revive that craftwork 

    A friend of mine made me realize lately how these trees look alive. We don't know if they want to give us a hug or are suffering from arthritis, but when you stop and look at them, we feel life in them, even during the dry season. In January, as soon as a few drops of rain start falling, the lush green leaves are blossom after a few days and it only takes one or two weeks before the whole Las Olas valley looks like a tropical jungle.

    This specific Ceibo tree in the picture above is the logo tree of best real estate project in Ecuador, Las Olas. It's located at the entrance of the prestigious Los Cielos community and is located in the middle of a roundabout. 

    In a few months, I will post a picture of the same tree with his amazing green leaves.