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  • Let's Forget 2016, Welcome 2017!!

    I'm turning the page. Well, let's say that I'm beginning a new chapter or even a whole new book!

    I would even say that the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 is somewhat positive in many different ways.

    1- Christmas and New Year celebrations weren't that bad

    I chose many months ago that I didn't want to party for the holidays. It's not me, period. On top of that, our holidays for the past 10 years has been very quiet, a close family bonding, just the four of us. Our menu was usually very simple, oysters and Champagne... in the pool!

    This year, my daughter had the opportunity to go horseback riding with friends, so I let her go and enjoy what she loves to do. My father-in-law and his brother came to Ecuador to visit, so I quietly spent the Holidays with them... and it was just perfect, a moment to focus on us, laugh, cry, remembering souvenirs and talking about life and our the future.

    One of the special things we did was to burn an effigy, Hulk in our case. I selected Hulk, because I think he is as upset as I sometimes feel. To keep up with the tradition, we wrote down things that we wanted to forget to burn it with the effigy. I cheated and I put all the bad things I have in mind and carry for the past 20-25 years!!

    I filmed the whole process live on Facebook (click to access it, it's public)

    That was a HUGE relief and I'm sure I will do it again next year with an even bigger effigy!!

    2- I met someone

    Yes, it's one of the first time I talk about it publicly, but I met a wonderful woman about two months ago. I won't go into details and will keep that private (thanks for your understanding), but it's a great feeling to keep believing in love after what we have been through. I'm even more thankful as she's coming with me to ski in the Alps the second week of January. I'm realizing a dream and at the same time, sharing it with someone I love. Priceless (thanks Master Card!).

    3- I deleted the Facebook app on my iPhone

    It's been only a day, but wow, what a relief!! I feel like I just came out of jail! 

    Don't get me wrong, I didn't say I deleted my Facebook account!! I just removed the app on my phone. I still can log on the website, and I still have the app on my iPad... I posted a very clear message yesterday and a lot of people thought I was deleting my account. It's just another proof that people are invaded by a ton of information and are not reading anything (it's also the proof that they believe anything they read, or thought they read!). That's the reason why I truly prefer this blog as my main storytelling medium. Sorry, but you will have to sit down, you will have to read... and yes, you can still comment! ;)

    To end this post, I also want to say that two newspapers in Quebec contacted me to get an update on "my story". Here are the links (in French) if ever you are curious...

    After all the feedback I got from these articles, I'm more and more thinking of becoming a speaker. I would do it for me because talking about a drama really helped me to heal... but a lot of people around me make me realize the positive impact we created by talking about it publicly. Feel free to let me know your thoughts.