Life Experience

Life Experience

I personally traveled to over 30 countries, mainly for business, which mean I didn’t see much of our planet.  It was more about airports, hotels and boardrooms (or bored rooms) than anything else.  

Luckily, our son visited the five continents at age 5, which is not so bad!  At that age, I was still waiting for my first flight (Fort-Lauderdale after I turned 6, not the most exotic destination!).  We did amazing trips together as a family.  We went to western Canada when our son was only 6 months old to visit his grandfather.  We went to Jamaica a couple years after and visited New-Brunswick and Maine where we had the chance to experiment sailing.

On our way to Reunion Island (and when coming back to Canada), we stopped many times in France to visit… Disneyland Paris!  What a great place to spend time with your kids.

We benefit from the fact we lived in the Indian Ocean to visit places it would have been difficult and costly to visit while living in Canada.  We went to Australia and Vanuatu in 2008.  We don’t know what it’s now looking like after the Cyclone Pam, but we have only good words to say about Eratap Beach Resort, truly one of the amazing places we had the chance to stay on the planet.

In 2009, after thinking of going to Thailand, Malaysia or Sri Lanka, we opted to visit India.  Well, let’s just say we are not planning to visit India anytime soon! (An hour after landing, I even told my wife we should just cancel everything and go back home).  We experienced great moments, like a safari tiger while at Mahua Vann near the Pench National Park, a night in the desert at Manwar Camp and a boat trip in the backwater in Kerala.  Unfortunately, moments of joy barely offset all the bad things we experienced during our trip.  We did it and we won’t go back. 

After moving to Mauritius, we decided to visit South Africa which was a great revenge after our Indian adventures.  Despite all the bad things said about crime, violence, etc. in South Africa, we discovered an amazing country, a place everyone should visit once.  True that the South African history in not the greatest and the Apartheid left wounds, but the people are amazingly happy and proud of their country.  The Swartberg Pass, the Franschhoek Valley (especially if you are a wine lover like us), the Garden route, the Cape of Good Hope, etc., so many great things to see and and taste.  Make sure to visit the Franschhoek Pass Winery and do a safari (find a place where you can sleep in a tent).  With the kids, we went to Botlierskop private game reserve.  It was truly an amazing experience.

We did our last big trip in 2012 when we drove 4,700 km in Europe for a 16-day road trip that brought us in 10 different countries!  France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, Andorra, and Spain.  We kept a blog (sorry, it’s in French!) during that trip, as it was the first time we traveled without a fixed itinerary.  The only thing we booked was the car rental.  We left the accommodation totally open, but after struggling each day to find the perfect place to stay, we finally decided to spend one full week in a villa in Catalogna, Spain which we didn’t regret. 

We loved that experience so much that we are looking to do the same kind of road trip in USA in 2015 (although we might be a little more careful in regards of booking accommodation).

20/09/2015 Update:

We are now living in Bahia de Caraquez since the beginning of the month.  We rented something until our house at Las Olas Ecuador is ready to move in.  At the same time, I'll be helping the Las Olas team with marketing and many more things I assume.  We just love it here, weather is great and living by the Pacific Ocean is a real joy!